LOCTITE - solvent- or waterbased Adhesives

Solvent-Based Adhesives
Solvent-based adhesives (polychloroprene) are formulated with different raw material groups including natural and synthetic rubbers and suitable resin combinations (naphthas, ketones, esters or aromatics).

Adhesive films are formed upon evaporation of the solvents. Assemblies may be made by contact bonding (adhesive application to both surfaces) or wet bonding (applied to one of the bond faces). Most the contact adhesives are based on polychloroprene rubber. They exhibit good initial strength and achieve high strengths on various substrates.

TEROSON SB 2444 can be applied by brush and spatula. It is used to bond rubber to different surfaces e.g. metal, wood, and to itself. TEROSON SB 2444 offers high initial bond strength and contactability. The bondline is flexible and provides good heat resistance.

TEROSON SB 2140 is a solvent-based contact adhesive based on polychloroprene. The product exhibits good high-temperature strength and the ability to bond various substrates to one another. TEROSON SB 2140 is suitable for spray application and is particularly effective when bonds have to withstand temperatures up to 120°C.


Water-based products with improved bonding characteristics
Water-based or “dispersion” adhesives contain insoluble resins which are finely distributed as solid particles in water. These adhesives cure on evaporation of the water. Crosslinking of the dispersed particles is achieved as a result of added mainly basic catalysts. This greatly improves the resistance of the bonded joint to water and heat. As a rule, dispersion adhesives do not contain solvents or other problematic chemicals, they are not harmful to the environment and are less critical with regard to health and safety at work. Dispersion adhesives are applied by means of rollers or hand guns. The curing speed of the adhesives can be accelerated through the application of heat and air ventilation.

AQUENCE FB 7088 is a water-based dispersion. It is used for bonding plasticised PVC films and painted surfaces to paper and cardboard. It also exhibits good bonding properties on aluminium coated PVDC-coated surfaces and polystyrene films.

AQUENCE ENV 1626 is a water-based dispersion based on acrylic ester. It is a highly concentrated, fast- setting dispersion adhesive and therefore suitable for high line speeds. AQUENCE ENV 1626 is a pressure-sensitive adhesive suitable for paper, fabric and plastics films/sheets, for coating aluminium and plastic signboards, screens and indicating dials for the electrical/recording industries, and for bonding aluminium foil to aluminium sheet.

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Source: Henkel Ltd.