LOCTITE - Silane Modified Polymers (SMP)

The Henkel portfolio of industrial elastic / plastic bonding and sealing products offers a wide range of solutions to meet the different requirements and conditions that apply to industrial design and construction.

Elastic Sealing 
Elastic sealing involves applying an appropriate product in the joint in order to prevent the penetration of moisture/or the passage of air between elements, components and assemblies made of the same or dissimilar materials. The elastic sealing material seals by adhesion to the substrates. The elastic behaviour of the sealant acts as a media barrier while relative part movements are tolerated.

Plastic Sealing 
Plastic sealing involves applying an a appropriate product in the joint in order to act as a media barrier. The primary criterion for selection of a plastic sealant (besides the sealing/ media barrier performance) is its mechanical behaviour under deformation. When exposed to forces, each sealant shows both a plastic (deformable) and an elastic (e.g. rubber like) reaction. If the plastic response is dominant, the sealant is referred to as plastic.

Elastic Bonding 
Elastic bonding is a process in which two similar or dissimilar materials are joined with an elastic adhesive. Elastic bonding adhesives are selected mainly for their capability to tolerate relative movements of the parts while the parts are bonded by adhesion to the substrates. Besides their elastic properties, many elastic adhesives from Henkel exhibit high inherent strength (cohesion) and a relatively high modulus, producing friction-locked joints which, at the same time, have elastic properties.

The TEROSON MS line is based on silane-modified polymers (SMP). Products incorporating this technology undergo moisture curing and react to form highperformance elastomers. SMP products contain an adhesion promoter (primer) as part of the formulation.
-1K or 2K solution
-Excellent adhesion on almost all substrates
-Excellent weathering and ageing resistance
-Elastic bonding, sealing and coating

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Source: Henkel Ltd.