A distinction is made between elastic couplings and torsionally rigid couplings.

Their primary purpose is to transmit a corresponding force, but they also have the secondary function of compensating radial or axial misalignment and angular offset to a certain extent.

Solutions from optibelt in particular meet the highest standards.

Premium Brands: OPTIBELT, SKF as well as FLENDER, KTR, POWER-GRIP, SIEMENS, TRASCO- other makes on request !

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CLAMP COUPLING - Optibelt rigid couplings

CLAMP COUPLING DIN 115 - Optibelt rigid couplings

Clamping sets and precision joints

FLANGE COUPLING DIN 116 - Optibelt rigid couplings

FLEX - Optibelt flexible couplings

GEAR COUPLING GC - Optibelt rigid couplings

HABIX® - Optibelt flexible couplings

HADEFLEX® - Optibelt flexible couplings

HRC - Optibelt flexible couplings

MINI COUPLING - Optibelt rigid couplings

ORPEX® - Optibelt flexible couplings

PEX - Optibelt flexible couplings

Shaft couplings