Frequency meter - optibelt TT Serie

 The optibelt TT frequency tensioning tester is an appliance for checking the tension of drive belts by measuring the frequency at which they vibrate. Through its compact design, it is suitable for universal use for drives in engineering, in the automotive industry and in many other technical applications.

The optibelt TT is designed even for difficult-to-reach places, making it ideal for quickly and easily checking the tension of V-belts, kraftbands, ribbed belts and timing belts.

In addition to this, the optibelt TT offers further advantages:

  • Two interference-free measuring methods: 
    EM: electromagnetic waves 
    AC: acceleration, integrated
  • Also usable for long centre distances due to an unprecedentedly wide frequency range:
    AC: 1 - 16 Hz 
    EM: 6 - 600 Hz
  • Measuring head easy to handle: Two red LED light points on the belt help to position it correctly
  • For difficult to access belt spans: measuring head on a flexible goose neck (EM) or a  250 mm cable (AC)
  • Large, easy-to-read display screen: 43 mm  wide/ 58 mm high, backlit colour screen
  • Long running time due to powerful, rechargeable battery: eco-friendly since replaceable
  • USB port for recharging
  • No interference in loud and bright surroundings
  • Automatic switch-off function

The device is ready for recording data immediately after switching on. The measuring head is held over the belt to be tested (two red LED light points help to position it). The belt is made to vibrate by striking it with a finger or an object. The optibelt TT starts to take readings and shows the results in hertz (Hz). The type, condition and colour of the belt have no effect on the readings. 

Tension recommendations can be taken from Optibelt specifications and CAP calculations.

The optibelt TT:
A guarantee for the long life of your V-belts, kraftbands, ribbed belts and timing belts!

Further downloads, documentation available on request
Source:   Optibelt AG