Hose reels - SKF TLRC, TLRS
...a smarter way to handle your hoses

Hoses are required anywhere flexible ways of conveying fluids are required. However, their flexible nature make them difficult to keep tidy and untangled. Hose reels are designed to help solve that problem. 

  • High quality materials consistent with application demands. From lightweight (composite) versions for medium duty applications (TLRC series) to very robust for the most demanding applications (TLRS series)
  • A thorough cleaning process prior to an individual coating process, along with a long life swivel design help to maximise service life
  • The declutching shaft and the enclosed drive mechanism prevent reverse winding and protect the system against the environment
  • Unlike many hose reels on the market, the TLRS series has a strong welded pedestal. This construction is designed and built for heavy duty applications


  • Reduce the risk of accidents due to tripping or from vehicles 
  • Increase lifetime of hoses
  • Minimise leakages
  • Promote tidiness and cleanliness
  • Save time when using hoses


  • Lubricants storage rooms
  • Assembly stations and factories in general
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Automotive service centres and tire stores
  • Service trucks
  • Maintenance and administrative buildings

Further downloads, documentation available on request
Source: SKF