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Repair & Calibration - Fixturlaser®

Global Repair and calibration Network
One of Fixturlaser's strongest features is its global network for repair and calibration of its products. We have a service center on every continent.

We recommend calibration and function check of your tools every 12-24 month.

Calibration of Fixturlaser products
All calibration certificates issued after April 1, 2009, are labelled with one of the calibration stickers above (to the left the old Fixturlaser logotype, to the right the new Fixturlaser logotype as of April, 22, 2013). The sticker is a guarantee of service performed by an authorized Fixturlaser Service Center.

A copy of the calibration certificate will be discovered immediately as it cannot reproduce the metallic surfaces of the sticker and its red colour. 

Further downloads, documentation available on request
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