If you want to create added value, an excellent product portfolio simply is not good enough. You need a partner who understands your business and your products, who develops new production techniques, optimises your processes together with you and designs tailor-made system solutions.

A partner who can make a real contribution to long-lasting value creation for you!

Get access to our unique and comprehensive product portfolio, benefit from our expertise and guarantee your highest process reliability. The General Industry Business fulfils specific industry and maintenance needs from one source.

Premium Brands: LOCTITE as well as HYLOMAR, KISLING, MARSSTON-DOMSEL, SURE TACK SYSTEMS, OMNIVISC- other makes on request !

...make your choise to reach the subcategories:

0600 Technical Consultancy

0602 Cleaners

0606 Surface treatment

0608 Threatlocking

0607 Surface Preparation

0609 Thread sealing

0610 Gasketing

0611 Retaining

0612 Instant Bonding

0613 Lightcure Adhesive

0614 Hotmelts Adhesives

0615 Solvent based or water based Adhesives

0617 Structural Bonding Epoxies

0618 Structural Bonding Acrylics

0619 Structural Bonding Polyurethanes

0621 Ind. Sealants / Adhesives Silicones

0622 Silane Mondified Polymers

0623 Ind. Sealants / Adhesives Butyls

0624 Casting Resins

0625 Acoustic Coatings

0626 Metal filled Compounds

0627 Concrete repair an Chocking

0628 Surface Coatings

0629 Parts and Hand Cleaning

0630 Industrial cleaners

0613 Cleaning, Protection and Specialities

0632 Cleaners Heavy Duty Maintenance Cleaners

0633 Lubrication

0634 AntiSeizes

0635 Greases

0636 Dry Films and Oils

0638 Surface protection

0639 Preparation activators or primers?

0640 Emergency repair

0641 Metal PreTreatment and Functional Coatings

0642 Mould Release Agents

0643 Dispensers, Dispensing Systems, Accessories

0644 Index per Product