Chemical technical products

ihb stands for excellent products in all areas in which heat, dirt and moisture play a significant role. When selecting the right lubricant, it is often underestimated that – in addition to releases and approvals – parameters such as design, size, rotational speed, temperature, load, vibration, cleanliness, etc. must be considered.

Maintenance products can be roughly divided into the following applications:

• Sorbents, cleanign wipes and papers
• Cleaners, degreaser, pretreatment
• Sealants, tapes, polymer seals, packing, gaskets
• foils, straps, wear sleeves
• Corrosion and leakage protection
• Cooling lubricants and cutting fluids
• Lubricants - gears, gearboxes, bearings, plain bearings, plastics and industrial fixtures
• Oils - sliding ways, guideways, inner bearings, pneumatics, chains, steel ropes, multi-purpose applications
• Maintenance-specific products for releasing, anti-slip, mounting, etc.
• NSF-Kosher-Halal classification

Premium Brands: CHESTERTON, SKF, SCHAEFFLER as well as ARCANOL, BARDAHL, CRC, NEOVAL OIL, NEVER-SEEZ, WD40, WEICON - other makes on request !

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Adhesives, sealants & surface treatment

ARC® - Efficiency & Protective Coatings

CHESTERTON® - Cleaners and Degreasers

CHESTERTON® - Corrosion Control

CHESTERTON® - Maintenance Products

CHESTERTON® - Mechanical Packing and Gaskets

CHESTERTON® - Metalworking fluids

CHESTERTON® - Metalworking fluids

Cleaning - Pretreatment - Surface Coatings

ICOSOFT® - Cleaning wipes and papers

ICOSORB® workplace sorbents & wipes

Sealants - overview