ICOSORB - Sorbents

ICOSORB binders in the form of sorbents are often a lifesaver in order to prevent major damage. They can deal with leaks and small amounts of leaked or spilled liquid in less than no time.

Whether you simply want to use them to protect work surfaces, line a collecting tray or use them, for example, to help with disassembly:  sorbents allways are reliable.

Depending on the intended use, a distinction is made between chemicals, industrial oils, environmental oils (e.g. water barriers) and universal applications.

Our products are available as flakes, cloths, cushions, carpets, loops, rolls, drum covers and barriers/water barriers in correspondingly high quality.

Premium Brands: ICOSORB - other makes on request !

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Drum Top Cover Pack


Sorbent socks

Sorbent cushions

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