ihb Imhof Häusermann AG, was founded almost 100 (!) years ago…

…as an OEM and MRO supplier (ISO 9001:2015), located in Switzerland, and as such a partner for customers around the globe. 

You will find many leading manufactures on board, to be able to serve customers based in europe, united staates, near east, far east, asia, russia, or i.e. northern africa,…

…serving approximately 30 different segments needs – why not have a look on it?

On this website you will find a small overview of brands, industry solutions, products and services;

It definitely would be a pleasure to welcome you as one of our new customers !

ihb - simplify your processes !

Imhof-Häusermann AG,
Rheinfelderstr. 12,
CH-4127 Birsfelden 
phone +41 (0)7 99 33 00 11  
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