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Maintenance strategy

Every company takes care of production assets through maintenance, executed by maintenance personnel, operators, or through subcontractors. Still, you often face a lot of unplanned downtime, with stopping production lines - which lead to reduced production output and high maintenance costs. But what if you could break through this situation?

The Maintenance strategy review follows a set of logical steps to identify the right maintenance strategy and maintenance tasks. Some benefits of the review are:

  • Fewer unplanned stops of critical assets, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and less production loss
  • More output from critical assets, leading to increased production, more revenue, and higher profits 
  • Evidence on how to mitigate risks, helping you keep your licenses to operate 
  • Support for the continuous improvement cycle to becoming world class

Once the strategy is defined, the next step is to identify the related maintenance tasks – selected from a database, previous practices, supplier recommendations or asset specialists. This makes your organization less vulnerable, since all maintenance tasks are now documented and systematized.

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Maintenance Strategy