Cooling lubricants & cutting oils

Cooling lubricants play an essential role in drilling, turning and milling metal, glass and ceramics, in three respects - actually: they help to reduce friction and thus wear and tear on tools and workpieces, cooling them at the same time.

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Source: ihb

CHESTERTON® - 372 Kanister Drum 20l

CHESTERTON® - 380 Drum 208l

CHESTERTON® - 380 Drum 20l

CHESTERTON® - 388 bottle 475ml

CHESTERTON® - 388 Drum 20l

CHESTERTON® - 389 bottle HDP 475ml

CHESTERTON® - 390 Spray 475ml

CHESTERTON® - 395 Drum HDP 20l

CHESTERTON® - 395 Spray 425ml

CHESTERTON® - 462 Drum Opticool 208l

CHESTERTON® - 462 Drum Opticool 20l

CHESTERTON® - Metalworking fluids

CHESTERTON® - Metalworking fluids