Belt Tension Gauges - optibelt OPTIKRIK 0, I, II, III

The tension testers reliably inspect whether the kraftband or ribbed belt is of the correct tension level.

Particular Advantages
This simplified tension method is intended to simplify the maintenance of belt drives for the fitter in the event that the most important technical data is unknown and the ideal tension level is unavailable.

  1. Determine the section of your drive belt.
  2. Measure the diameter of the smaller pulley in the drive system.
  3. You will be able to find the appropriate tension from the table.
  4. Check the tension with the Optikrik according to the operating instructions.

Technical Data
Optikrik 0   Measuring Range:  70 - 150 N
Optikrik I    Measuring Range:  150 - 600 N
Optikrik II   Measuring Range:  500 - 1,400 N
Optikrik III  Measuring Range:  1,300 - 3,100 N

Further downloads, documentation available on request
Source: Optibelt AG