Service-Box - optibelt


The Service Box by OPTIBELT was designed as a support for many fields of application. Centre distances, belt lengths and pulley diameters can only be determined trouble-free with the flexible measuring tape made of plastic.

With the pulley groove templates, V-belts and pulleys can be identified without any effort at all. In particular, the groove sidewalls of the pulleys can also be checked for angular misalignment and wear with this.

Possible markings on the belt such as size, symbols etc. are possible using the special pen with a silver ink cartridge and are well legible.

Pressing with your thumb – to ascertain belt tension – is not required using the Optikrik tension gauge.

Attachment and checking belt tension with the Optikrik facilitate maintenance work for the service technician and increase the safety of the drives.


  • 4 units - Optikrik, Models: 0, I, II, III
  • 1 V-Belt and pulley groove gauge set
  • 1 Measuring tape (3 m)
  • 1 Ballpoint pen with silver refill
  • Flashlight packed in a sturdy plastic box.

Further downloads, documentation available on request
Source:    optibelt